Organize your Jewelry!


Ever feel like your jewelry looks like this? Sometimes it’s so hard to keep it all organized. But here a few cute ways to organize your jewelry without spending much money.


I love this idea! Anthropologie has many adorable door knobs that make such a cute, decorative way to keep your necklaces and/or bracelets organized and detangled!

garden rake necklace holder

This look is so vintage and I love it! Just use the head of an old garden rake and display your jewelry for all to see!

great vintage earring holder.

As you can tell, I love everything vintage. 🙂 This idea is quite easy to do yet it looks store-bought! Using an old frame or whatever you wish, glue the ends of lace to the back and use the holes in the lace to hang your earrings!


Display your bracelets and watches by using a paper towel holder!


Hang your necklaces and bracelets on an adorable curtain rod to keep your jewelry from becoming tangled. It’s also a very cute, decorative way to display your jewelry!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

This is a fun DIY to make. It would be a fun way to store your rings or whatever you wish! Follow the link for detailed instructions.

I hope you enjoyed reading these fun ways to organize your jewelry, and I hope it helps! Have a great day.  🙂

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