St. Patty’s Day!


What better way to start of your day than with a bowl of marshmallows? I mean, Lucky Charms. 😉


I don’t usually go all out with wearing green, but I make sure each year I am wearing something with green on it. I love this outfit; it is so simple yet very classy and fun at the same time!


This outfit is on the casual side but can be dressed up by replacing the jeans with a skirt, or wearing the cardigan over a dress.


Crafts are so fun to make during this holiday! I really like this banner that can hang over a mantle, or over a table.


I absolutely love this idea! It is so cute and easy to make. Paint a flower pot the desired color of green, then place a black piece of felt around the top (or bottom) to make the belt. Cover card stock paper with gold glitter to make the  belt buckle. You can add on some four leaf clovers or put whatever you wish on the outside! Makes a cute table decoration.


I am not a fan of unnaturally green food, but once I get past the look, I enjoy it! haha But this idea for candy popcorn is just very festive, and actually looks good to me! 🙂 Here is the link for the recipe to make it.


And what better movie to watch with popcorn than Oz the Great and Powerful? If you haven’t seen it yet, go! It was/is amazing!


Green Velvet cake pops. Yum! That’s all I have to say about them. Hopefully I will get a chance to make these this week! They look so good! Here is the recipe to make them:


Hope you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day! Stay fabulous, and I’ll see you next time! 🙂

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