How To: Wear Yellow!


Yellow is such a beautiful, bright color, and perfect for the summer! However, not everyone looks that good in certain shades of yellow. I look like a ghost in bright yellows or neon colors! But here are a few tips and suggestions that can help you piece together the perfect outfit that will look great on anyone.

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If you can wear yellow from head to toe, you are so lucky! But anyone can wear a yellow blazer and still look good! Just go with a mustard color of yellow if a bright one is too harsh. Paring the blazer with different colors helps detract the yellow from your face, therefore not making it the main focus of your outfit.


Anyone can pull off the mustard shade! This color looks fantastic with navy; it creates a more vintage vibe, which happens to be my favorite style! Both brown and black look great with this color. Just have fun mixing and matching! You can’t go wrong with this shade.


Here is another way to wear that vintage-y style mentioned above.


If you just can’t seem to wear yellow close to your face, go for a yellow pant! They’re absolutely adorable and match everything! They are so easy to dress down or up.

Pink Shirt  Yellow Pants

Here is a cute way to dress up those yellow pants!


Another way to wear yellow is to accessorize!


Go for some bold jewelry!


Yellow shoes create the perfect fashion statement without being too overbearing.


And if all else seems to fail, a yellow bag is the go-to accessory! It’s bright, colorful, and will match all of your summer outfits!

I hope these tips help you. Have a great day, and I’ll see you next time!

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3 thoughts on “How To: Wear Yellow!

  1. Audrey!! You look just like the girl in the yellow blazer on the bottom right picture with the grey scarf on! I thought it was you at first!

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  2. I look horrible in most shades of yellow but I still LOVE the color. I will try some yellow accessories–thanks for the tip!

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