Summer Jewelry!

Everyone loves jewelry. Who doesn’t? As summer comes, jewelry becomes more popular and fun to accessorize, especially since heavy sweaters aren’t covering up the pieces. Here is an article from Midas Market, a great, cute online jewelry store with fabulous pieces of jewelry. If you haven’t heard of them, definitely go check out their website! Here is the link, but it’s also at the bottom of the article. Enjoy!

3 Summertime Jewelry Trends That You Will Absolutely Adore! 
Summer fashion is best complemented by gorgeous jewelry. As the temperature rises and clothes start to come off, most people still don their favorite silver, gold and platinum pieces. There is something fascinating about the glint of precious metal and gemstone caught in the sun’s brilliant rays. The most difficult question is: what should you choose to wear this summer?

Leafy Looks in Glittering Metal
Many jewelers have turned to Mother Nature for inspiration. These designs are some of the best when enjoying the pleasant weather. Look for necklaces, bracelets and earrings that feature organic elements such as leaves, flowers, branches and living things. These come in a huge variety of themes, with some more stylized and others very realistic. You don’t have to choose something with green or gold, but a colored gemstone can really bring the piece to life. You will look just as beautiful as the flora and fauna that thrives during the summer season!

Something Light and Lively for the Weather
Summer is not a time for heavy, bulky pieces. Clothing tends to get thinner and lighter, and so should the accessories you wear with it. Look for pieces that are more airy. Slim chains, dainty tendrils and subtle visual elements are an excellent way to complement the hot weather. Arrangements with beads are a great choice for anyone who needs a bit of boldness with their light summer jewelry.

Playful Summer Pieces That Love to Dangle!
Dangles look stunning, especially when they rest against bare skin! Bracelets with charms or chains that hang, earrings with multiple free flowing pieces and necklaces that feature one or more pendants are a wonderful addition to summer attire. Dangling elements add playful personality that goes well with the outdoor fun you’ll have as you hike, swim, party or picnic. Welcome in the warm season by choosing accessories that will make you sizzle like the sun and look twice as hot!

About The Author 
Ashley A is a part owner in Midas Markets, a new jewelry store offering a range of high quality silver products. To celebrate a new range of bangle bracelets Midas Markets is offering 10% off for all of May. Click here to check it out.


Here are some pictures of celebrities rocking the light, summer trend for jewelry!



Taylor Swift is wearing drop earrings. These kind of earrings are perfect for a statement piece, but are also light and summery!

Aniston Gold Leaf Necklace

Jennifer Aniston is wearing the nature-y type of trend. This is probably one of my personal favorites. It’s a simple, elegant piece but also puts together your outfit!


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