Wake up Happy!

Wake up Happy!

I am a morning person, hands down. For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to go to bed early and get up early. I was always so surprised when my friends or anyone, really, would say how they loved to stay up til the early morning hours. I still cannot get over how some people can do that. But as I have gotten older, there are days when I have to stay up later than I would like. But that’s life, right? Doing things you don’t always like to do? 🙂
Though I don’t always wake up refreshed, I do have ways to help me feel that way and wake me up quickly. So here are 5 things I thought to help you get up in the morning!
1) Get plenty of sleep. Although this sounds cliche, it is so true. My body requires about 8 hours of sleep to feel wonderful in the morning. And though that doesn’t always happen, it feels so good when it does.
2) Set your alarm clock at a reasonable hour. Don’t set it for five minutes, then hit the snooze. Set it for the exact time you have to get up; the time, where, if you hit the snooze, you would be late.
3) Slap your face with cold water. Or a cold-ish shower. This will instantly wake you up!
4) Exercise. Whether it’s jumping jacks, running, or simply some yoga, exercising is a key factor to help you wake up and feel good all day.
5) And lastly, think positively. When you first wake up, try to think of a couple things you are grateful for. Be thankful you get to live another day. When I realize that I have a whole day laid out before me, I just can’t wait to get up. I don’t want to waste any of that precious time the Lord has graciously given to me!
And tagging onto that last part, this is what helps get me up in the morning if I didn’t sleep well: Thinking of a fresh pot of coffee brewing downstairs. I can even smell it now! So think of something the night before that you can’t wait to get up in the morning for! For example, I bought me some new tennis shoes so I couldn’t wait to get up to go running with them! 🙂
I hope these tips are helpful to you and have a great day!


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