Pink is the New Black

Well hello there! I know that it has been quite a long time. Almost two months, to be exact. It’s not that life has been super busy (although it has), but it’s that I just haven’t made the time to post anything. But I was looking at all the different trends for the winter, and I am so happy to say that pink is hot off the runway! There are two pinks; the firs pink is a more subdued, pastel color also known as ‘blush pink’. The other shade is a berry color. As you may know, pink is my favorite color ever, and my favorite thing ever to wear is the blush color! So I am pretty excited about this. And already I have seen many things coming in stores now that resemble this trend. 

                     I love the look of this pink combined with gray. It creates a soft look but the gray makes it more wintry and cozy. Image


                Another way to wear this color is through outerwear, such as this adorable coat. (Target has a super fabulous, a-lined pea-coat that I am so tempted to go get! 🙂 ) 



                 Unfortunately, not everyone can wear the blush color. For some, it makes them washed out. But that is what the other shade is for! It’s for those who can’t wear the dull color, and vice versa. This color of scarf is perfect for those that need a bright color to keep them from looking washed out. 



 And if you find that pink altogether is too much for you, accessorize by maybe using a pink phone case, or maybe even some jewelry, or even nail polish! Just have fun with it. There’s nothing that says girly quite like pink! 🙂 









2 thoughts on “Pink is the New Black

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