Travel Light!

Travel Light!

Pinterest is my weakness. I don’t always spend time on it, but when I do, I know why I don’t. haha It’s so addictive. You can literally find anything you want on there, and spend hours just looking at pictures and seeing what is popular. Well, I stumbled upon this picture earlier and thought it was too good not to share.
Whenever I travel, whether it’s just for a weekend or longer, I tend to take quite a bit of extra stuff, ‘just in case’. You never know when you might need an extra outfit. Or two. Or three. But when I come home from the trip, without fail, I find that I didn’t wear/use half the stuff I brought.
I always like to be prepared; you never know what you might need, since you’ll be gone from your home. But in reality, I never need as much as I bring. So when I found this picture, I thought it was a great idea and a great plan to use for traveling light, no matter how long you’ll be gone. By reusing some of the pieces of clothing, you can fit 14 days’ worth of outfits in just a small, overnight bag. I hope you found this picture helpful to you; I know I certainly did!


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