Fashion Tip #15!

#15-  3 Popular Trends you can wear!

1- Boyfriend Jeans! 

boyfriend jeans         819G7ZiCdGL._SX522_


This trend  is becoming very popular! You can find these jeans literally anywhere. Amazon has a great selection at great prices!


2- Florals! 

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards           71fIVzLQuJL._SY679_      61B1aHitVmL._SX522_


Ariana Grande was spotted at the Grammy’s wearing this adorable floral dress! I know that I have already mentioned florals as being a spring style, but I have found a few dresses that you can buy to stay on trend!

3- Pastels/color blocking!

Another trend that you most likely are aware of, is pastels! But another trend coming onto the scene is color blocking. And this celebrity beautifully combined both trends into one dress! You’ll also notice that there are many other celebrities who have sported the new color blocking trend!

gallery_big_Naya_Rivera_People's_Choice_Awards_2014         71Q0LmUAscS._SY679_


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