Trend Alert!

This summer there’s a new trend you may have already seen. It’s the T-Shirt Logo trend. You know, the shirts that have something written on them, like Coca-Cola in the picture below.


According the fashion industry, you should go with a shirt that has just a few words on it. You don’t want to be wearing typography all over. So they suggest wearing denim, or a cute leather skirt, to subdue the written words on your shirt.

The outfit below is super cute! Wearing a shirt with words can definitely dress down any outfit. But worn with a cute skirt, maybe some heels, and you can dress it up!



This next outfit is obviously casual. But it’s still cute! Worn with heels and a cute bag, this is a fun outfit to wear. You could also accessorize with multiple necklaces, bracelets or rings!



This is more of a fall outfit with the jacket, so it would be a good transition from summer to autumn. But you can always replace the jacket with a blazer, or just wear the t-shirt without any sort of jacket. Black skinnies dress up this outfit without any effort. And as a side note, those wide-brimmed hats are definitely in style!




So those are just a few examples of ways you could wear this new trend! My favorite of these would definitely be the first outfit! Which one is your favorite? And would you ever wear this trend? Let me know! 🙂



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