30 More Days ‘Til…Spring!


Well hello there! I don’t know where you are in the world, but where I am, it’s a cold, snowy day. I know it has been such a long time since I have put up a new post. I could say I have been busy, but to be honest, I’ve chosen other things to do. But this snowy day has created the perfect motivation for me to get back into the blogging world and think about spring! So for today’s post I’m going to show some spring trends and where you can get them.

1) Saddle Bags!


I am probably most excited about this trend, considering how much I love all sorts of bags. This purse is so cute, not too big or too small, and perfect to keep your daily essentials in. But it’s also $1,400. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/chloe-medium-marcie-leather-crossbody-bag/3822709?cm_cat=datafeed&cm_ite=634267_1&cm_pla=women:bags:handbag&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads_pla_online&mr:referralID=7769a966-b7b6-11e4-82f7-001b2166c2c0

So I found an alternative that’s just as cute!


It’s from Daily Look and is more affordable at $49.99. So whether you want to splurge or save, I think this style of bag is a must-have for this season! Get it here: http://www.dailylook.com/p/Bags/DAILYLOOK-Classic-Saddlebag-Purse/96248.html

2) Pastels/ Florals! (of course)

It wouldn’t be spring if pastels or florals weren’t still trendy. Yet thank goodness they both are! I am excited for both trends, as usual, and love how they twist the same style each year to make it just a bit different yet just as cute.


And again, you don’t have to splurge to wear this trend.


This lavender skirt is such a cute style with a sort of princess vibe to it. The crop top adds a trendy look to it, or you can add a more flow-y, cream colored top. Shop for it here: https://www.lulus.com/products/beauty-and-the-pleats-lavender-vegan-leather-midi-skirt/198850.html

This site also has many choices, so be sure to check it out for different styles and colors!

3) Fringe!

I am excited for this trend. You can definitely choose to go edgy or feminine with this look.



This skirt can be either subtle or showy, just depending on how you want to style it! But if you want to go more subtle yet keep the trend, try this cream colored top, also from H & M.



And if that is still too much for you, try a small crossbody bag with just a tad bit of fringe to it!


This purse is from Rebecca Minkoff. I just love her bags and think this one is absolutely adorable and worth the splurge! 🙂


So there you go! Those are just a couple of this year’s trends, and I can’t wait until it’s warm enough so I can start wearing pastels and florals, my usual favorite. 🙂

Hope you have a great day, wherever you are, and thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…


What’s in my Beach Bag?!

What's in my Beach Bag?!

There’s nothing that screams summer like going to the pool or beach! I am more of a pool person, rather than the beach. And this is what I bring when I go to the pool. What is in your beach bag?
1) Sunscreen! I get burned so easily, it’s not even funny. I was driving somewhere the other day, and my arm got burned through the window. Yeah. Crazy. So if I am in the hot sun, I have to lather up that sunscreen or else I will look like a red lobster.
2) Sun glasses! This is a must. Apart from being a cute fashion piece, they block those rays from my eyes.
3) A book! Or magazine, depending on what my mood is. Usually I’ll bring my current book I’m reading. (I am currently reading “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” by Mark Twain. It’s been on my list of books to read and I’m just now getting to it! But it’s a great read!) If I don’t bring a book, I might bring a fashion magazine, or an HGTV one to gather decorating inspiration.
4) My Phone and/or IPod! If I just want to listen to music and lay out (in the shade, of course, so I don’t burn! lol) then I will just zone out and listen to music.
5) And last but not least, a beach towel! This is a must, of course. Whether to dry off after a swim, or to lay on.

So these are my necessities I keep in my beach/pool bag. I may add other things depending on my mood or if I want a snack or anything like that, but these five things will always stay in my bag!

How To: Wear Yellow!


Yellow is such a beautiful, bright color, and perfect for the summer! However, not everyone looks that good in certain shades of yellow. I look like a ghost in bright yellows or neon colors! But here are a few tips and suggestions that can help you piece together the perfect outfit that will look great on anyone.

Loving this outfit #yellow #fashion #style #purple

If you can wear yellow from head to toe, you are so lucky! But anyone can wear a yellow blazer and still look good! Just go with a mustard color of yellow if a bright one is too harsh. Paring the blazer with different colors helps detract the yellow from your face, therefore not making it the main focus of your outfit.


Anyone can pull off the mustard shade! This color looks fantastic with navy; it creates a more vintage vibe, which happens to be my favorite style! Both brown and black look great with this color. Just have fun mixing and matching! You can’t go wrong with this shade.


Here is another way to wear that vintage-y style mentioned above.


If you just can’t seem to wear yellow close to your face, go for a yellow pant! They’re absolutely adorable and match everything! They are so easy to dress down or up.

Pink Shirt  Yellow Pants

Here is a cute way to dress up those yellow pants!


Another way to wear yellow is to accessorize!


Go for some bold jewelry!


Yellow shoes create the perfect fashion statement without being too overbearing.


And if all else seems to fail, a yellow bag is the go-to accessory! It’s bright, colorful, and will match all of your summer outfits!

I hope these tips help you. Have a great day, and I’ll see you next time!

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