My Go-To Fall Look!

Hey everyone!

I thought I would share with you my go-to look for fall! I recently splurged on some over-the-knee boots and have honestly worn them about every day since. I wear them with leggings and some sort of oversized shirt. While the top and bottom are casual, the boots add a sophisticated, put together look that make it so easy to find an outfit to wear, especially on those days  when I’m rushed and need a quick outfit. So I found a few pictures that will hopefully inspire you in finding an outfit to wear with over the knee boots. If you don’t have any, I highly recommend getting some! They’re very popular this season, not to mention how cute they are. They come in all styles, so find some that match your personality! 🙂





(all pictures found on pinterest)




This is a fun and cute way to turn your summer dress into a winter outfit! I wore an oversized sweater on top of this dress, and wore brown leggings/tights to keep my legs warm. You could either wear brown boots, or some flats with this, but I chose boots. I finished it off with a scarf. And there you go! This is a quick way to easily transform your outfits and make the most of your clothes!