My Go-To Fall Look!

Hey everyone!

I thought I would share with you my go-to look for fall! I recently splurged on some over-the-knee boots and have honestly worn them about every day since. I wear them with leggings and some sort of oversized shirt. While the top and bottom are casual, the boots add a sophisticated, put together look that make it so easy to find an outfit to wear, especially on those days  when I’m rushed and need a quick outfit. So I found a few pictures that will hopefully inspire you in finding an outfit to wear with over the knee boots. If you don’t have any, I highly recommend getting some! They’re very popular this season, not to mention how cute they are. They come in all styles, so find some that match your personality! 🙂





(all pictures found on pinterest)


Fashion Tip #15!

#15-  3 Popular Trends you can wear!

1- Boyfriend Jeans! 

boyfriend jeans         819G7ZiCdGL._SX522_


This trend  is becoming very popular! You can find these jeans literally anywhere. Amazon has a great selection at great prices!


2- Florals! 

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards           71fIVzLQuJL._SY679_      61B1aHitVmL._SX522_


Ariana Grande was spotted at the Grammy’s wearing this adorable floral dress! I know that I have already mentioned florals as being a spring style, but I have found a few dresses that you can buy to stay on trend!

3- Pastels/color blocking!

Another trend that you most likely are aware of, is pastels! But another trend coming onto the scene is color blocking. And this celebrity beautifully combined both trends into one dress! You’ll also notice that there are many other celebrities who have sported the new color blocking trend!

gallery_big_Naya_Rivera_People's_Choice_Awards_2014         71Q0LmUAscS._SY679_

Fall Favorites!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Besides the gorgeous weather, fall brings other things I look forward to each year!

1. I love nail polish, and this year I am loving Sally Hansen’s insta-dry Cinna-Snap color. It is a perfect color for the fall.



2. Another color I am loving for the fall is also from Sally Hansen. It’s called ‘Slick Slate’.



3. I cannot even begin to describe to you how much I love candy corn. I can, and have, eaten an entire bag of it in two days. It is amazing! I wish they would make it year round, but it is still a fun and yummy treat to look forward to each year!



4. I love Starbucks year-round, but it is so fun to get a hot drink on a cool, autumn day. My favorite from there is the Caramel Macchiato.



5. And, of course, I love this time of year where you can wear a comfy, over sized sweater and boots! Unfortunately, the weather outside is not yet cold enough to do that, but I can’t wait until it is!


So those are some of my favorite things I love about fall. What are yours?

Summer Hairstyles!

Summer is already upon us with blazing heat! And while summer is a fun season, the heat can sometimes be unbearable. These are a few fun and easy hairstyles for the summer to keep your hair looking great, but also to help you feel cool.



The Fishtail Braid. This is an adorable style to keep your hair braided and off your neck, but will still look elegant and perfect for the summer. Taken from the Cosmopolitan website, here is an explanation on how to get this look.

Divide your hair in half, and hold the left side in your left hand and right side in your right hand. Pull a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the right side and add it to the inside of the left side. Repeat with a piece from the outside of the left side, adding it to the inside of the right side. Continue adding half-inch pieces down to your ends, and secure with an elastic. Position the braid over your shoulder, then tug out a few pieces around your face for a breezy effect (or just let the wind do its thing).

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Next comes the Top Knot. This is a super cute look to get your hair all off your neck and face. This literally takes a couple minutes, but looks like you spent a good amount of time to fix it!



This picture shows how to do a different version of the Top Knot.



This Figure-Eight bun is so cute and looks very complicated. But it is quite easy and fast to do! Also taken from the Cosmo site, here is how you do it: Make a low side ponytail, leaving a few pieces loose around your face. Twist the length of your ponytail, and wrap it into a figure-eight shape — smoosh it up against your scalp, and tuck the ends into the loop. Insert a few hairpins or tiny barrettes to lock it all in place. Finish with a mist of lightweight hair spray that’ll give you extra hold minus any stickiness.

Read more: Easy Summer Hairstyles – Best Updos for Summer – Cosmopolitan
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A Bob! I love this style. It is super easy to take care of and perfect for the summer. It keeps you cool and is adorable!



And, of course, nothing screams summer like a pixie cut! As much as I would love to have long hair, having short hair like this is so easy. I can’t even begin to explain how easy it is! It takes less than 5 minutes a day to fix it, it keeps your neck and face cool throughout the hot days, and is fashionable and cute at the same time!


I hope you like these few summer styles to fix your hair and keep you cool. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next time! 🙂